How To Install Android 4.4.2 based HellKat ROM on Galaxy S2 HD LTE E120L/S

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Korea-only Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE can experience Android 4.4 KitKat version here with CM11-based custom firmware.

The Korea-only Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE is excellent phone and it can be very interesting to give a look on this HD smartphone. But Samsung has not offered too much for GS2 HD LTE. I did not found even official ICS update for it, so should we think on Kitkat? I do not think so. You should keep an eye on third-party developers to taste the delicious Android’s KitKat. As far as, I found HellKat ROM.

HellKat is Galaxy S2 HD LTE Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM based on popular CyanogenMod 11 builds. It includes good features such as privacy guard. This Galaxy S2 KitKat ROM is available for two models, Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120L and Galaxy S2 SHV-E120S. It is still in development and you can expect bugs with it. Known bugs are none for SHV-E120L but if you own SHV-E120S Galaxy S2, you can experience issues with rotation vector sensor.

Read on how to update Galaxy S2 HD LTE on Android 4.4.2 KitKat with HellKat ROM.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120L or SHV-E120S, you can check your device details from Setting>About Device/Phone.
  2. Make a backup of your device’s data as the below procedure can wipe everything. You can check Android backup guide to get this task done.

Disclaimer: Use everything at your own risk as Tech Egis will not be responsible if you damage the device arising from this use. You have been warned, so proceed carefully.

How To Install HellKat on Galaxy S2 E120L

You can check XDA thread for latest downloads.
Philz Touch Recovery
HellKat ROM

Step #1: Install Philz Touch Recovery on Galaxy S2 HD LTE E120L.

Step #2: Reboot into recovery mode.

Step #3: Go to mount menu, fomat app-lib, then wipe cache and then wipe dalvik cache.

Step #4: Flash HellKat ROM zip.

Step #5: Flash and then Gapps.

Please never format app-lib again unless you want to wipe data, otherwise all your user apps will be no longer usable.

How To Install HellKat on Galaxy S2 E120S

Step #1: Download HellKat ROM  and Gapps. And then place these zip files to root of your SD card not in any folder (Check XDA for latest downloads).

Step #2: Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE.

Step #3: Boot phone in recovery mode, to do this power on device by holding down volume up, home and power buttons.

Step #4: Take nandroid backup of your current firmware as if you mess up anything wrongly, you will be able to go back to previous position with this backup. If you are usingClockworkMod recovery, navigate to Backup and Restore>Backup. If you are on TeamWin’s TWRP recovery, navigate to Backup option, there tick all of boxes and then swipe to confirm backup.

Step #5: Select “Install” or “Install Zip”, select the CyanogenMod ROM zip package and confirm installation.

Step #6: Repeat the previous step again but this time install Google Apps package.

Step #7: Perform a wipe now. TWRP users need to tap on “Wipe” first, and then swipe to “Swipe to factory reset”. If you are using CWM, select Wipe data/Factory reset first and confirm the action.

Step #8: Select “reboot system now” or “reboot” to restart your Galaxy S2.

That’s it, you have flashed the HellKat ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S2 successfully. However if you end up with any error, you can leave comment and let us know.

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11 Comments to How To Install Android 4.4.2 based HellKat ROM on Galaxy S2 HD LTE E120L/S

  1. i tried this but after installing all the files i selected the **go back** after that the phone booted. and when the red hellkat logo with an arrow circling it appears it stock in there. i tried to wait for 2-3 hours and still nothing happens. i cant even go to recovery mode.. please help me

  2. Assalam Alaekum,

    Nice Rom i tried it but i found some bugs in it..
    Can you give me some other rom links for this model glad to flash other roms 🙂
    thankx in advance.. !!!

  3. I have installed the “Hellkat-20140109-dalil” ROM in my Samsung Galaxy S2 hd lte SHV E120L. But my mobile network is not working. Even when I am searching for all available network it show nothing. Please help me out from this issue ASAP.

    Thanks in advance.

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